Thursday, June 19, 2014

Muskoka Road Trip Via Highway 11: Discover Gravenhurst Gateway to Muskoka

Weekend Road Trip To Gravenhurst: Gateway to Muskoka

The most direct route to Gravenhurst is via Highway 11 north from Barrie.  See Muskoka Map. 

Gravenhurst:  Ontario Resort and Cottage Country

Muskoka Chair
Stop for a picture on this Giant Muskoka Chair
The town of Gravenhurst sits on Lake Muskoka at the most southern part of the Muskoka Lakes.  More information on the resort town of  Gravenhurst.

The Muskoka Lakes are famous as one of Canada's premier resort and cottage destinations. Along with resorting and cottaging, fishing or angling boats and water sports have a special meaning. 


Where to stay in the Gravenhurst Area

Gravenhurst Resorts, B and B, Cottages

More information on the resort town of  Gravenhurst  

Bala Ontario-Side Trip

Bala Ontario Historic Site
Photo by Alan Brown located on Highway 169 in Bala
Bala is famaous for the summer dining location of Lucy Maude Montgomery.  Her holiday inspired the novel, The Blue Castle at the Bala Museum.  The Bala Falls and the historic site identifying the Precambrian Shield (Canadian Shield) is a must stop.

Bala-Torrance Resorts and Cottages


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