Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ontario Canada as a Prime Eco Tourism Destination

One of Ontario’s leading natural tourist attractions and environmental education facilities The Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre was the host to a Ministry of Natural Resources announcement this past week. The Wye Marsh has developed winter snowshoeing and summer canoe Eco tours. The announcement concerned the awarding of more than ¼ of a million dollars from the Species at Risk Stewardship Fund to 10 volunteer projects located north of Toronto. The recipients included a number of regions across Ontario from Georgian Bay to Haliburton and the Kawarthas. Each of the regions offer significant (Photo: Wye Marsh Docks and Canoes) outdoor recreational activities, many of which are dependent upon clean fresh water, and a healthy environment. In order to appreciate the environment and what an endangered species might look like, it ii imperative to have a sound education program. The MNR has taken a significant step forward in identification and support for our environment. A secondary but equally important aspect of this funding is economic, as it will indirectly support of the expanding Eco Tourism industry. See Eco Tourism Related Getaways and Nature Adventure Packages.