Monday, September 08, 2008

Maple Leafs or Maple Leaves

At the beginning of each fall colour season we often receive requests to view the best Maple Leafs, when it should really be the Maple Leaves. The Maple Leafs are a sports team (Toronto Maple Leafs) and the leaves are blue in colour, where the maple leaves are various colours of reds, yellows, mauves, and oranges. An excellent discussion about the two spellings can be found at Maple Leaves Forever website.

Actually the major colour changes are a mix of the leaves from the trees found in the hardwood forest, the Sugar Maple, the Red Maple, Striped Maple, Black Cherry, Yellow Birch, and Beech.

One of Algonquin Parks more interesting trails and autumn views is simply called the Hardwood Lookout Trail, just off the Highway 60 corridor through the Park. We suggest a good understanding of the ecology of Hardwood Forest can be found in the guide at the beginning of the trail for a mere .50 cents, you can take one home with you.