Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Algonquin Park Barron Canyon Trail Hike

The fall colors yellows and reds are starting to show and will make a nice contrast with this outstanding view of the Canadian Shield. For directions from Barry's Bay via Highway 60 see Algonquin east side road trip.
The visit was over the Labour Day weekend in the intermittent rain however each weather change has its own element of natural beauty. 
Visitors from the U.S were impressed with the quality of the interpretive brochure available at the trail site. Title: Barron Canyon Trail: History of the Canyon and the various suggested viewing and interpretive stations. 
The length of the hike is not long or difficult however caution must be used at the edge of the Canyon as there are no barriers.  
Weather can change with a break in the clouds. However the sun never did shine during our hike but the view got a bit better.  Barry's Bay Ontario was the starting point of this road trip.

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Photo:  The Mad Musher

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