Saturday, February 11, 2012

Canada Celebrates 100 years of Stephen Leacock in Mariposa

Stephen Leakock via Wikipedia
This weekend Orillia just north of Barrie  is hosting the annual Orillia Winter Carnival. It is fitting that the charm of a smaller Ontario town is featured in today's Globe and Mail,  Leacock's Leagacy: Yes it includes Bubbles. The story references  the CBC new Sunshine sketches of a Little Town, airing Sunday Night at 8:00 p.m.

The characters living in smaller towns in Canada are discussed by Gayle MacDonald. The story captures the flavours of Canadian small towns with references to several more recent comedy shows, such as Bob & Doug, Corner Gas, and the infamous Trailer Park Boys.  Find out more on Mariposa Ontario  Orillia Ontario Resort getaway Destination Orillia Hotels Inns North of Toronto:

Find out more on Stephen Leacock.  You may want to visit the Mariposa Market for the latest gossip and news. 
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