Monday, August 18, 2008

Elmvale Water Festival

Beware of the Water Hunters

The message was loud and clear form Maude Barlow. "Beware of the water hunters" in reference to the next commodity to be exploited as the worlds fresh water diminishes. Source depletion is occurring in a number of ways, the Chicago diversion, where water is being sent into the Mississippi River, Aquifer depletion's where underground water feeds into the lakes, is now being taken by bottling companies. Combined with the reduced fresh water availability, there is pollution and contamination of water resources. Needless to say businesses who rely on fresh water as part of their recreation programs may be affected, not to mention water for drinking and other uses. For more information on water resources in the Elmvale area please view Elmvale Water Festival. Needless to say the streams, rivers, and ground water that flows into Georgian Bay can be reduced without adequate legislation to protect our water resources,
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