Thursday, October 03, 2013

Demolition Derby: Smashing their way to fall-fair glory -

Pies, Poultry, Truck Pulls and derby Daredevils at Fall Fairs

Truck Pull at Elmvale Fall Fair near Barrie
The Toronto Star story offers an Interesting take on the auto and truck carnage at fall fairs..with a female twist.  In this case it is a a mother of 5 kids who's mantra is "girls can do anything boys do".  Demolition Derby: Smashing their way to fall-fair glory -

Always entertaining as many onlookers wish they could be in the drivers seat. The photo at right features a truck pull as crowds look on at the Elmvale Fair taking place the Thanksgiving weekend in 2013.

Kids love to get on farm vehicles at fall fairs

Upcoming Demolition Derby Days

Sept. 27-29: Milton Fall Fair
Sept. 27-29: Caledonia Fair
Sept. 28: Roseneath Fair
Oct. 3: Metcalfe Fair
Oct. 9: Norfolk County Fair
Oct. 26: Fall Brawl, Lindsay fairgrounds

Find links and  more information about activities at fall fairs north of Toronto


Fall Fairs History in Ontario

Before the auto and tractor....real horse power
There were always competitions, as to best yields and talks of the best “bull”, all evolving into fall fair competitions, for the best corn relish, or cherry pie, or best Rose, or rabbit, or antique or home made quilt. Today the fall fairs still bring together the farming community and the public with many fun events, 100 mile foods and produce, activities, homemade products, including arts and crafts, and the competitive side and tradition of deciding who has the best at the “Fall Fair”.

A getaway best buy is a fall fair that can always be combined with a fun family getaway weekend vacation.

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