Thursday, October 13, 2011

100 Chefs in the Forest North of Toronto on World Food Day October 16

Jennifer Bain has a flair and passion for food and the importance of the land that produces the food.

Fresh Ontario Produce at Risk--Check out Foodstock
In the forest with Michael Stadtlander - is a must read for all foodies and agricultural enthusiasts who might share this passion. Highlights include references to World  Food Day, and Foodstock taking place on October 16 in Melancthon Ontario.  This is a grass roots attempt to bring attention to the upcoming fight to keep rural land (in this case Class 1 Farming) designated as agricultural--not to be used as an aggregate resource or for a gravel pit.

See Foodstock Preview  See more October food events in Ontario

Also see Foodstock anti-quarry event to feature chefs
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